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Hey [Client Name],

After reading this week’s Redfin market research, I wanted to share some highlights:

  1. Selling Below Asking: Homes sold for 0.3% less than asking in the four weeks ending June 23.
  2. Price Drops Rising: Nearly 7% of sellers dropped prices, the highest since November 2022.
  3. Stale Inventory: Over 60% of homes have been listed for at least a month without a contract.
  4. Buyers Hesitant: High housing costs and near 7% mortgage rates are causing buyers to pause. The median home-sale price hit a record $397,250.

The one that stands out to me is stale inventory.

Here’s why:

If homes continue to sit on the market, motivated sellers may consider steep price reductions.

This could create opportunities for buyers to find their perfect home below market value.

I’m keeping an eye out and will keep you in the loop if anything pops up.


p.s. If you’re a homeowner who’s concerned about rising taxes and insurance costs, reply to this email and I can prepare a professional home value report for you that can give you a sense of what your home would sell for in today’s market.

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Consistent communication is key to building trust and staying top-of-mind with your client. 

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